Live mousetrap

A mouse in the apartment and no desire to kill the poor animal? Or you do not know where your mouse is hiding, and you want to set up a live mousetrap?

It's easy:


  • wooden board
  • glass bowl
  • walnut

So that the mouse does not scratch the carpet (gives it bald spots), the wooden board is first laid on the floor, preferably at a point where the mouse was seen.

Then crack the walnut and balance the glass bowl on the upstanding walnut. The inside of the nut must point into the bowl.

The mouse feels secure under the glass bowl with two exits (left and right of the nut), and begins to nibble on the nut. She sits under the bowl. At some point the nut works out, the bowl falls - and Mausi is trapped.

Now she can just be brought outside.

This simple trick really works, but you really should not put anything soft under the bowl - towel and carpet are scratched!

Smart Mouse Trap In Action - PETA Recommended Humane Live Catch Mouse Trap | September 2020