Loans for the self-employed

Self-employed people do not always find it easy to get loans because banks often prefer employees. However, self-employed also have advantages: ie z. For example, you can earn more in the short term through overtime.

There are several solutions here:

  • Not too much hanging on the house bank: this could be significantly more expensive, and it is not said that she supports a really good case of emergency.
  • Compare loan offers
  • Always leave reserve: you actually need money reserves that can be relatively easily liquid, for several months. A colleague has been ill for three years (fortunately he had stocks he could sell).
  • No life insurance or building savings, because you can get back to the money hard or only with large deductions.
  • Beware of risky stock speculation: you can do that only with "play money" that is left.
  • ING-DiBa offers a so-called "personal loan", which is actually a kind of syndicated loan, at interest (variable) of currently 7.5%.
  • is a sort of ebay for money: private individuals can lend and private individuals can describe a project for which they are looking for loans. I tried it: works fine.
  • I also heard that e.g. Barclays Bank likes to lend to self-employed people.
  • Loans should only be taken with caution, and not to "throw good after bad money" - a dead horse is a dead horse and will not be alive.
  • When the debt pile up, you should change fundamentals before it's too late.
  • And last but not least: a self-employed person should not only work hard, but also have enough time to stay healthy and to think strategically about his business.

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