Loose crunchy crisp crust while crust roast

Many a "seasoned housewife" may already know and it is nothing new for them. But I did not know it yet and it annoyed me whenever my crust crusty roast either hard or soft schlabbrig. I just could not stand it like my mum ... Until lately I'm on the glorious! Idea came to ask my mother how she actually gets the crust so pretty crisp.

The secret is so easy. And promptly it worked out great for me. The rind must first be watered just before.

Aaalso ... Right from the beginning ...

The crust roast is cut with a sharp knife, diamond-shaped to the edge of the fat. I take a carpet cutter / knife, which I bought especially for kitchen work. Be careful not to cut the meat.

Then place the roast with the rind side in a shallow bowl of water. The water may only be filled so high that only the rind is watered. Not the meat. The whole thing is then for about 3 - 4 hours in the refrigerator.

The further processing is then the conventional way. Season and put in the oven. Initial temperature at 240 ° C. After 10 -1 5 minutes down to 180 ° C (no circulating air) and finish cooking. The cooking times depend on the size of the roast.

It's not about the recipe, it's just about the trick of watering. That's why I have no information on spices, cooking times or other ingredients made.

How to: Ultimate Crispy Pork Crackling - Marion's Kitchen | May 2024