Low-fat and better digestible pesto

Here's my suggestion for a "low-fat" or better digestible pesto: Because now in the summer, where you can make so many, even fresh pesto, of course, the problem comes on that you take a lot of oil, what a On the one hand, it can spoil the hard-working bikini figure a little bit, but it can also hit some stomach ...

Here is my suggestion: I always replace a portion of the oil with vegetable stock!

In the beginning, I always take the vegetable broth as a liquid until the mass has approximately the desired consistency, and then still hold a dash of olive oil as a flavoring agent (as always, you should also use a high-quality oil, which also tastes intense!)

The olive oil then gives the pesto just the "typical" pesto taste, but is no longer a main ingredient!

Simsalabim: We have a pesto that tastes really like pesto, but is better digestible, and not quite as fast on the hips migrates!

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