Machine wash at underwired bras no problem

Cumbersome hand wash? No thanks. If you do not have a special net / ball for it, you can also help yourself so well:

One or more underwired bra with the cups together.

Now my tip: In the cups of the bottom bra a laundry ball (for detergent) insert - or something similar round, if it is not just tennis ball, orange or bowling ball, bra close, then carrier and the rest mesentery :-) wrap around it. Place in a commercial, medium or large laundry net - in the bottom corner. Then tie the net tightly over the fabric-ball-ball or, if it is big enough, knot it - so that the contents can not slip anymore. Wash with other delicates and nothing is bent, kinked or squashed. Try it!

PS: Do not use glass deco balls or apples!

How to Clean Lingerie: Bra & Underwear Cleaning Tutorial! Easy Laundry Ideas (Clean My Space) | December 2020