Maintain new / fresh tongue piercing

Here are some really good tips if you've got a tongue piercing:

  1. Drink a lot of water and chamomile tea.
  2. Make ice cubes of chamomile tea and cool your tongue every time it swells or hurts.
  3. If you are hungry, make yourself soup, e.g. Pea soup or pumpkin soup, definitely one that is pureed. You can then easily drink through a straw, so comes little to the branch channel, and always pay attention: NO DAIRY PRODUCTS! The cream in most soups is only for the thickness, so it's always an advantage if you let them go.
  4. In the evening before going to bed nice with vodka or other clear alcohol rinse your mouth. (For smokers: Rinse the first day after each cigarette! So you can theoretically smoke right after the sting, I've done so: D)
  5. Talk a lot and keep your tongue moving.
  6. If the pain keeps you from sleeping (because, as always, the pain gets worse when you come to rest), then calmly take a tablet, but lightly dosed, e.g. Thomapyrin.
  7. Not taking out and cleaning the piercing during the healing process slows the whole thing down.

I hope that my experience can help you, and you do not bother so much ;-)

Tongue Piercing Information & Aftercare | | June 2023