Maintain & promote intestinal health

The intestine is sensitive to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle with complaints of various kinds z. As irritable bowel, flatulence, diarrhea. It is all the more important to maintain and promote the natural intestinal health. With a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle you can prevent risks. I've had intestinal problems just recently, so I've found out about it at the doctor's and also online research.

For me it was the one-sided diet, lack of exercise and also regular intake of various drugs (the latter can unfortunately not prevent). But exactly these influences usually have a negative effect on the intestinal function. But what can one do with complaints, or rather how to prevent discomfort, that is an important topic, here I have some tips for you, after all, the intestine fulfills vital functions in the body defense!

Maintain & promote intestinal health

High fiber diet

Ideal is the freshest possible diet with high fiber content. Fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole-grain products increase the intestinal content through their swelling capacity and stimulate activity. Fiber also binds pollutants and have a positive effect on the intestinal flora.

Ample hydration

Overall, humans need about 2 to 3 liters per day. Best in the form of tea, mineral water, vegetables and water-diluted fruit juices.


Plenty of sitting makes the bowel sluggish, exercise, breathing and relaxation exercises can help to get the bowel back on track. Even the famous glass of lukewarm water right after getting up really works wonders.

Colorful food

Fresh fruits and vegetables and freshly squeezed juice contain many valuable plant substances and are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Healthy fats

It is best to use cold-pressed vegetable oils for cooking, for salads and co. Fish also supplies healthy omega 3.

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