Make aloe vera cream yourself

How to make yourself an aloe vera cream, is presented in this tip, it is basically very simple.


  • First variant: Cut aloe vera into small pieces and juice yourself
  • Second variant: buy aloe vera juice in the drugstore

Whatever variant you choose, you will need a day cream that is mixed with the juice of Aloe Vera in a ratio of 1: 1.

If you have your juice, just add your favorite cream care and stir with a whisk (by hand or device).
I just had to stir by hand for 5 minutes.

Do you have this onion chopper from a very well-known company, with the three knives that you hand-hold with a drawstring?
There you can also mix your juice and the day cream in it. Works great!


  • against (preventive) pimples after shaving
  • against dry, itchy (head) skin
  • against age and liver spots
  • against blemished skin (acne)

Editor's tip: Pure aloe vera juice

DIY Organic Aloe Vera Body Cream | August 2020