Make cold balm

Winter is approaching and the colds are mounting. To relieve the cold, you can make yourself a cold balm.

Add 50 ml of olive oil (or other nourishing oil) in a glass jar to a water bath and let it warm. Then you give 4 g of beeswax (100 g of beeswax can be had in the pharmacy for about 4 euros) and a few drops of Japanese medicinal plant oil and stir everything together with a wooden stick.

Once the wax has melted, pour the oil-wax mixture into a small jar or other small container and let it cool. Then you can use this balm as bought.

Japanese herbal oil also works very well in pain, so you can use this balm also for back, shoulder or joint pain or tension. If you like it stronger, you can also use eucalyptus oil or mint oil. Jap. Medicinal oil is milder and therefore also suitable for children.

As a crucible, a small metal box very well.

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