Make Halloween flying ghosts

The ghosts are a great decoration for Halloween or theme parties.

The flying ghosts are very easy to make and conjure up a scary gloomy mood in the room.

This requires:

  • 1 white fabric
  • 1 white paper or polystyrene balls
  • scissors
  • thread

Since I did not have any small styrofoam balls at home, I took half of the paper and used it to make a ball. Then I cut out a piece of cloth, placed it over the ball and tied it with the thread.

The fabric should be cut down a bit with the scissors, so it looks a bit shredded and not so straight.

Then a face is painted and the ghosts are ready. You do not have to buy a Halloween decoration, much more beautiful is homemade decoration.

Have fun after the tinkering!

AXWORTHY flying ghost tutorial | January 2022