Make ice chalk yourself: summer chalk made of ice

These refreshing ice chalks not only cool down when it's hot outside, they're also quick and fun. Even the little ones are happy to mash with the melting chalk. Can be painted on the street and on paper.

? This is an ice age including Cretaceous ?, says my child. "Brr, really cold, cool!", Find the friends. With the frozen chalk pieces, children can paint and tumble on streets, smooth wood panels or paper and cardboard. If the colors are still frozen, they paint like chalk pieces, slightly melted like finger paint and completely melted like ink. When the paint becomes dry after painting, the pictures look like they are painted with street chalk.

That is needed

  • food starch
  • water
  • Food coloring (without azo dyes)
  • ice Cube Tray

That's how it's done

For each color, one heaping tablespoon of starch is mixed with about three tablespoons of water. The mass should not be too liquid, but not too firm, but slightly creamy. If the mass is still bad, just add a little more water. Then a few drops of liquid food coloring can be stirred in. If you want to use food coloring as a powder, you can mix the color powder first with the starch and then add the water first.

Then the mass is carefully poured into an ice cube mold. The safest way is to put kitchen towels under the ice cube tray first. If something goes wrong, then the whole kitchen is not the same. The mold comes into the freezer overnight and the next day the icy chalk painting can start.

How to Make Your Own Ice Chalk | August 2020