Make keyframe or key hanger yourself

So you can make yourself a nice keyframe or a key hanger yourself.

I took an old canvas, covered it with a gold cloth and stuck it in the back. Then I got some bits and pieces, stuff that nobody needs anymore and then painted them black.

The best look of the conclusions of old curtain rods, as you can see in the picture above right, had only one lying around for crafts, 2 would have been great, one right and left.

Even old keys look perfect, just look for all the bits and pieces that you otherwise disposed of and paint them in color.

On the lower part of the canvas, I still have pressed pin needles well, so you can hang the keys there.

Have the picture now hung on the wall next to the front door and have always kept all the keys handy.

Have fun crafting!

Key Holder DIY | DOLLAR TREE DIY | Ashleigh Lauren Tutorials | Shabby Chic | September 2020