Make pepper and garlic cucumbers yourself

So small treats such as garlic or pepper cucumbers are often paid with a lot of money. You can easily do this yourself.

Then I came up with the idea to buy a large glass of cucumber from the discounter for about 1 €, there I put 2-3 peppers and in another glass a few peeled garlic cloves, depending on your taste.

I take on a giant glass usually so 5-6 toes. Let the whole thing rest for about 1 week and then enjoy the hellfire.

Please note: Never use your fingers to remove the cucumbers from the jar. The best is a wooden pliers, but fork is synonymous.

I have just tried the whole thing with fresh sliced ​​and briefly brewed peppers and can hardly wait, as it burns on the tongue!

Fresh Cucumber Salad Recipe - How to make Cucumber Salad | February 2024