Make self-adhesive wall decals cheap by yourself

I managed to make a wall tattoo myself. You need:

A roll of adhesive film, which is often used to glue furniture
a craft knife
a printer

1. Pick a motive that you want to put on the wall. Prints it out in the desired size.

2. Spread the adhesive film on a base on which you can work with the craft knife. (e.g., cork pad)

3. Place the printed A4 sheet on the film and attach the sheet here and there with a little tesa.

4. Cut off the edges of the motif with the craft knife so that the sheet and the film are severed. When you're done, lift the subject out of the A4 sheet to see if you've really cut it all out.

5. Take the motif out of the adhesive film and attach it to the wall.

For lettering, it is advisable to stretch a horizontal thread underneath, so that all letters are at the same height.

I wish you success!

Creating Your Own Removable Wall Decal! | January 2020