Making almond rice milk


Preparation time: 5 min.
Total preparation time: 5 min.

Making oat, rice, almond and nut milk with a blender and a punch strainer.

There are already some recipes for the production of cereal or grain milk, but none goes as fast as this one. With simple household appliances: electric kettle, blender and punch strainer, almond milk can be produced in just a few minutes. The preparation does not take longer than coffee.

Although I have a special Soymilk preparer, but I always have exactly 1.8 liters? Milk? produce. Often I only need smaller quantities and I do not want to extend the "big device". Then I came up with the following idea, which may be of interest to those who only want to produce a small amount of vegan milk substitutes from time to time.


  • a blender
  • a stamping can (best a sturdy metal pot)


  • 25 g chopped almonds
  • 25 g basmati rice
  • 1 L of boiling water

So a total of 50 g = 3 heaped EL seeds (almonds, nuts, grains, coconut flakes) to 1 liter of water. The mixture may vary to taste. Big hard nuts should be chopped, soybeans should be soaked overnight. Very good with oat grains.

You can also take cold water, but then the seeds are not used so well and you need more of it.


  1. Put chopped almonds and basmati rice in the punching sieve
  2. Cover with plenty of boiling water so that the grains are well covered
  3. Watch out! Fill the punch strainer so far that the blender still fits
  4. Crush the mixture with the blender for about 1 minute (the longer you purée, the less solid remnants remain from the rice and the almonds.) The shorter you puré, the larger the remainders are.For small remnants, the milk becomes fuller, but also contains small crumbs, with large remainders, the milk becomes less rich in content, but large chunks are better sifted out and the milk becomes smoother).
  5. Add remaining water and stir
  6. Let stand for 2 minutes
    (Of course you can also do steps 1-6 in a normal saucepan and then pour the mixture into a punch strainer)
  7. Put on the strainer and press down


Homemade almond milk gives you control over all ingredients. You can also make pure almond milk from 50 g almonds. In my experience, the combination of rice and almonds leads to a very good result in terms of taste and consistency, which I like to drink straight.

If you want to improve the consistency, you can use 1 teaspoon of guar gum or locust bean gum as a thickening agent to make the rice-almond drink less watery. This is not necessary with oat milk.

If you want to refine the taste, you can add a pinch of salt, sugar and / or vanilla or puree a piece of dried fruit (apple, apricot, raisin, cranberry).

Use of almond milk

The finished almond milk can be used like normal cow's milk: for the cereal, for the milk coffee, for chai, as a basis for hot chocolate, to cook the pudding (goes very fast, because the milk is already hot) or simply drunk straight. But it is also hearty, just a bit of brewing powder and you have a delicious soup. The "milk" settles down, so it gets more and more viscous downwards, so I like to take the first cup for drinking or in the coffee and the deeper, crumbly layers for the cereal. The residues (in soy they called OKARA) can also be used elsewhere in the kitchen, in the bulk of vegetable burger, in pudding, in cookie or cake dough or in the soup do. But do not let it dry in the punch sieve!

From 1 kg of seeds I get so more than 20 liters of "milk". Not only is this an enormous savings in terms of price, I can also save the liter of tow of tetra packs. And I know exactly what's in it.

How To Make Plant Based Milks » Almond, oat & rice | August 2021