Making chocolate cake toppers yourself

As I learned recently, "Wickie and the Strong Men" is still a hit today, and a friend's son wished for a Wickie pie for his birthday. Finished there is little to buy, it was announced!

This is how the chocolate pie topper goes:

  1. Print the motif and put it on baking paper (or freehand, if you can). Turn the baking paper over - the motif is then mirrored.
  2. Trace contours with liquid chocolate thinly and let it dry (you can do it in the fridge or freezer, because the top side is still down).
  3. Colorize white couverture (attention is only with fat-soluble food color !!) and fill the space generously, custom work is not so important here. Let dry.
  4. Possibly. Apply another layer of couverture for reinforcement. Let dry.
  5. Finally, carefully peel off the baking paper from the motif. Finished!

How to Make a Chocolate Cake Topper | May 2020