Marble candles - with wax to match the dishes

Needed: Color pigments, if possible white wax residues, - darker go only for dark colors - empty cans (small narrow for example of green peas, mushrooms) A large sausage glass. Glass is important, with a can is no viewing possible! A normal saucepan, not a dark enamelled pot inside. Candles, white or pastel, max. 20 cm long (household candles), no stumps! Candles should have round wicks, no flat wicks!

Next, a pair of pliers to take out the hot cans, and a skewer or wire of this length, for marbling. Newspapers to cover the remaining stove and household roll to lay on the finished candles. It is also suitable for old candles the cut wax of e.g. red border layer. Then, of course, no longer color.

If the old wax is dirty (burnt wick, decor) just pour the hot wax through a teabag. Fix the tea bag in a tin with a clothespin. Suitable tea filters are attached in a ring.

Buy wax color as powder, tablets or rods. Do not be afraid of black color! A little black sets fine accents in marbling.

Important!!! Always heat wax in tin can in a water bath otherwise the kitchen can burn!

Coloring old white candle residues with color pigments. Just put wax in the tin, put the tin in the water bath, and add color. Test color strength with some paper.

Add hot water to the glass until it reaches the "bottleneck". (In addition to the glass, three small cans usually fit in the pot, so there are always three colors available.)

"Press down" cans a bit to create a spout. ATTENTION when removing the cans make sure that they do not tip over!

First do dry exercises! Touch the candles on the wick from the top with your thumb and forefinger and turn the candle in the air, back and forth! If it works ? dive down while preadjusting? when turning back from the? water? get out. These exercises are very important !! I gave the course about 10 years at the VHS.

In this exercise, you'll also notice if it's suitable. If there is a lot of wax on the wick, pick it up and put it in the cans. When the wick is flat, push it round with the pliers. 10x practiced? Let's go!

Put some colored wax on the hot water, 1-3 colors, draw with a stick of streaks and then the candle in and out again. With pastel candles is often already a color. Then marque these candles first. Because ... even the first time, wax settles on the edge. You can leave it for a while, then it should be removed. It can also be repeatedly pulled to decorate the center of the glass with the stick.

Lower the candles into the water with a rotary motion and lift them out again with counter rotation. Candle can be placed immediately on kitchen paper. So no drying for hours like colors. Two candles can be dipped in succession, the second becomes a little brighter.

If dirty wax forms on the water, fish out with an approximately finger-thick object. But must be done quickly, otherwise the dirt from? Fischer? liquefied again in hot water.

Now I wish you much success. Can also be done with children. I was with my things in the kindergarten and everyone was excited for the mom made her candles colorful.

Candle Making Lessons: How To Make A Sea Glass Candle | May 2020