Matching sunglasses for wearers of progressive spectacles

For spectacle wearers, there are sun glasses that you put on the prescription glasses. Especially interesting for wearers of expensive progressive spectacles.

I used to buy some slip-on glasses that could be folded up like that. I had them adapted to the optician on my glasses shape. Total 15?. Was very convenient, but always looked a bit panicky somehow.

On my next varifocals she fit formally no longer. I had then bought a pair of over sundresses. By chance, I then had a really light, well-fitting model on the internet at A ... caught. For 16?. With good sun protection and polarized. Even selectable in several colors.

Important are the appropriate dimensions. Measure your own glasses and compare them with the specified dimensions of the overglasses. She must not have too much play, otherwise she will slip. But also be big enough to fit over it.

Of course, you can also buy something more expensive from the optician and try it on. But most of them were black and looked like mafioso glasses in my size.

I've had it for a year now and am fine with it. I used to wear a similar model in colorless as a safety goggle in the lab over my prescription glasses.

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