Maultaschen make yourself - According to the recipe of my mother


Preparation time: 20 min.
Cooking or baking time: 15 min.
Total preparation time: 40 min.

Easter is over and I once again had the opportunity to eat my mother's super tasty pelmeni. I had to ask her directly for her Maultaschen recipe this time. Here it comes:

Buy mulberry dough or pasta ready in the supermarket. One pack has 500 g. Makes almost 30 Maultaschen. Enough for 4 - 6 people. 2 packs are enough for 2 - 3 times delicious Maultaschenessen with the (large) family.

The following are the quantities for 1 kg pasta dough indicated, so for about 60 Maultaschen.


  • 1 kg of minced meat
  • 1 kg of meat = raw mass for meat cheese or bratwurst
  • 1 pack of frozen spinach, finely chopped, (450 g). let it thaw
  • 1 bunch of spring onions. Alternatively 1-2 onions and 1 bunch of chives. Finely cut
  • Approximately 10 - 12 slices of normal toast bread, alternatively 2 - 3 bread rolls, soak in water and squeeze out
  • 4 eggs
  • Salt pepper


  1. Mix the ingredients all together, preferably by hand.
  2. Spread the pasta dough on the worktop. Distribute the minced meat in half of the surface. Flip the other half over.
  3. Use a knife to cut the surface into pieces that are as big as a dumpling. Put the pieces in boiling broth. The best is homemade vegetable broth from birch trees, but it is also normal brewing powder.
  4. The pasta dough rises during cooking and perfectly surrounds the mince meat. After about 5 minutes, remove the finished toll bags from the broth with a slotted spoon and drain on a grid or grate.


Eat in the broth. Or with potato salad. Or later roasted in the pan with egg. Leftover ravioli can be frozen well.