Mayonnaise - salmonella-safe from boiled egg yolk

Mayonnaise can be prepared salmonella safe when using boiled egg yolk.

In one of my previous tips, concerns were raised that when using mayonnaise, there is a residual risk to salmonella. For very fresh eggs and the Eiermann of trust, it has not happened to me so far, but still I would like to suggest a recipe in which you are on the safe side.

Egg yolks do not lose their ability to bind when cooked before use. This emulsifying ability can be further increased if the added amount of mustard is slightly increased.

2-3 yolks - hard boiled
a little salt, white pepper, a little sugar
1 tbsp mustard
250 ml vegetable oil,
1 tbsp lemon juice (alternatively vinegar)

All ingredients except the oil, in a mixing bowl. First, add a few drops of oil and start mixing with the Purifier Stick.

Gently stir in the rest of the oil. Season to taste - except for pepper, acid and salt, garlic, fresh herbs, curry, Tabasco.

Just try it.

For figure-conscious with skim milk yoghurt, this calorie bomb can be defused.

Despite all the caution, fresh mayonnaise products can only be kept for a few days with good cooling and embarrassing cleanliness.

Mayonnaise with Hard Boiled Eggs (No Raw Egg Needed!) | May 2020