Medicine from the kitchen pharmacy: Spices against motion sickness

As great as the anticipation of the holiday may be, travel sickness joins only too often the motion sickness with complaints of mild discomfort to severe nausea and severe nausea. This can be remedied by proven gems of natural medicine, which are available in most spice racks.

"Chaos in the control center"

Whether in the car or train, on the plane or on the ship: The movements, changes of direction and braking of means of transport irritate our organ of balance, because to the brain continuously different messages of eyes, ears and sensory nerves are transmitted. This is why motion sickness is actually not a disease, but a reaction of the body to the discordant external stimuli. If such stimuli increase and can not be recognized and compensated quickly enough by the organism, this leads to a "chaos in the control center", which then causes sudden, unpleasant complaints.

Symptoms are not limited to nausea

Nausea and vomiting as the main symptoms are often accompanied by dizziness, paleness, sweating, drowsiness, head pressure or tremors. If some people perceive these symptoms very easily, others may be severely affected, in fact they may feel "sick". Especially children, women and the elderly are affected by motion sickness.
So that the holiday can already be on the outward journey to the relaxing enjoyment, some rules for prevention are to be heeded. But even if the complaints have already occurred, proven remedies from natural medicine can remedy the situation.

Rules of conduct for the prevention of travel sickness

It is advisable not to travel on an empty or overcrowded stomach. A light, well-digestible meal is best before. While driving, biscuits or crackers can be nibbled. In order to keep the triggering sensory stimuli as small as possible by means of movement fluctuations, a place in the middle area of ​​the vehicle should be selected.
Spinning the head can cause the discomfort, it is better to look straight ahead and fix a point to give the eyes a firm grip. At sea, it's best to stay on deck, trying to adjust to the movement, and looking to the horizon.

Natural remedies from the spice rack

Ginger is considered to be a very effective remedy for all travel-related ailments, especially if nausea is involved. The active ingredients of ginger root soothe the stomach and relieve nausea and nausea. Ginger can be prepared as a tea from the dried or fresh root. Traveling is easier when chewing fresh pieces of root, but these are often too hot - not only for the child's palate. Candied ginger pieces are therefore suitable for children; ginger tinctures or ginger powder capsules are an alternative.
Green cardamom is known as one of the best digestive remedies and is well tolerated by adults and children. In Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine, cardamom is a plant that stimulates the mind and heart, bringing clarity and joy. It works best against nausea, when the black seeds are freshly popped out of the capsule and chewed or sucked directly. Not more than five capsules should be used daily.
Especially in cases of nausea and vomiting, cumin seeds, which have previously been in lemon juice for one hour and dried in the air, can provide relief. In addition the whole seeds are simply chewed. This remedy is quick to prepare and fits in a small box in any trouser pocket.
With these healing spices, a little water and chamomile tea, the way is paved a bit to reach the longed-for holiday destination without complaints.

Pharmacology: Designer Drugs | July 2020