Mend children pants with PET bottle

Who does not know the worn-out knees of children's trousers? Of course, my son is no exception. However, attaching the patches to the knees is always tolerable. Sure, there are ironing patches, but they barely last until the next wash.

You can not do it with the sewing machine - at least with most of them. Fiddling by hand in the narrow tube is no fun, so you have to be careful not to sew anything together.

However, during one of these lucrative jobs, I spontaneously resorted to an empty PET bottle. And lo and behold, it works great.

So just put an empty bottle in the trouser leg and use like the grandmother the stuffed egg in the sock (who knows that). So you can not accidentally sew something together, the fabric can be stretched so that no wrinkles arise and you have both hands free for work.