Menopause - Hot flashes: 13 practical tips

Anyone who has no hot flashes in the menopause, can be lucky! Everyone else like me has to come up with something - without hormones - naturally. First, here are some practical tips plus tea.

Constantly wearing "onion look" annoying. Alternative:

  • Only high-quality materials, such as silk, cashmere, merino wool - quite affordable, if women buy less and targeted. Under 100 euros there's already beautiful classic cardigans and sweaters.
  • Or wear cotton. NO polyester anymore, smells and is sweaty and unpleasant. Polyester sweaters and waistcoats promote hair loss, because of electrical etc. does not happen in natural things, speak from experience. Have lost half of my hair due to polyester clothing on the upper body. Also arises in polyester pilling and there are even more hair hanging on it. When it comes to natural objects, long hair does not stick to the wool. Natural sweaters do not have to be washed as often if you wear cotton underneath.
  • Bedding: The good old cotton damask laundry from grandma (which is great color) who has no more, there's at E-bay super cheap. A set for a double bed about 20 euros.
  • Who can afford silk, optimally. (If you are holidaying in Thailand, remember which ones to buy, customs fees have no idea.) Alternative: cotton satin high gloss, cools nicely. (by no means polyester, because sweats woman even more and slips)
  • To the cooling bed linen in the winter a blanket to take, which you can possibly throw out of bed.
  • A small pillow with silk cover (artists need silk painting) for the hot head take away on vacation.

The best for me at the moment:

  • Buy 3 cooling heat compressors and store in the refrigerator without the soft polyester cover. 2 x, 24 x 12 cm, 1 x, 15 x 15 cm (approx. Put these cold compresses on the dessert before going to bed.
  • When the heat comes, put the compresses where Frau needs them. Do not forget to put it back (on the bedside table) when the whirlwind is over. Otherwise they will heat up nicely in bed. So they are ready for action again at the next rally, usually an hour later, etc? The 15 x 15 cm compress for 99 cents can be put on the forehead, with the larger one can also cool the heated cushion or neck, temples, etc.
  • A fan heater with cold function that is nice and quiet and small, put on the bedside table and quickly cool it down. Or quiet fan, so that the spouse does not wake up.
  • In the summer a thin Inlet cotton with silk inner life buy, was `s times for 70 euros at Neckermann, there's certainly somewhere else.
  • Use a natural deodorant from the well-known drugstore market, (own brand) pick up the spray bottle and fill it with water or mineral water to spray face and neck, if it does not spray off in the dishwasher with the spray head then it will work again, it is just calcified.
  • Treat yourself to something good and buy natural cosmetics of the well-known antroposophical company, the somewhat expensive shower milk can be dosed more efficiently by a shower sponge, Citrus is totally pleasant or sea buckthorn, with the right body milk, which is light and absorbs quickly. Or take the appropriate body oil but massage after showering or bathing in the still moist skin, then an oil-water emulsion, and you do not stick, pleasant! ... rich and smells nice, natural and fresh. There are no mineral oils inside, like conventional creams and shower gels. Alternating with a cheaper natural-based shower gel such as Speick (bio) or Kneipp or the said own organic brand of the drugstore can afford that.

Last but not least - tea:

  • Yarrow, mistletoe (without the berries-poisonous, make cold draw, see Maria Treben-health from the pharmacy - book or Internet), sage (only now and then, in the long run kidney strain), red clover (also as sprouts in the sprouter, in the health food store to order)

So, I wish all women in middle age a more pleasant time through the menopause and hope that my tips are helpful, of course I am looking forward to a feedback.

3008 - Women's Health / From Sickness to Health - Barbara O'Neill | January 2022