Minting foot scrub yourself

Cooling and refreshing mint foot scrub

I've been looking for a German title for a long time, which usually means "Peppermint Foot Scrub". Except exfoliation, not just a Middle High German word, unfortunately nothing came to mind. I've bought something similar years ago at an English natural cosmetics store chain and was thrilled and decided to "copy".

After an exhausting day, after an application on the feet, you really feel refreshed all over. The coarse salt scrub away any calluses, but also gives a pleasant foot massage that cares for almond oil.

For a glass container as shown, which holds 500 ml, you need the following ingredients:

  • 500 g of coarse salt. I use either dead sea salt or coarse sea salt
  • 200 ml of almond oil
  • A few drops of mint oil
  • As desired food coloring


Put the salt in a bowl, sort out small stones (which always occur in the Dead Sea salt). Add the almond oil and stir in gently. Likewise the mint oil. It should be very minty and refreshing. If you like, you can color the scrub with just a few drops of mid-life color, at least I always do it.

I also make some of them every year as non-edible gifts from the kitchen. Then I fill 200 ml glasses, which I collect all year round.

Great to refresh your feet after hectic Christmas shopping.

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