Money back from the health insurance if I was not sick

We have made a request to our health insurance company that we get money back if we do not get prescriptions.

That means, I'm allowed to go to the doctor, I can also get sick leave, but if I get a prescription, then only one, in which I have to carry everything myself.

Often it is the case that one was not ill for years and then one year later, it turns over several times in one year.

In the years when I did not claim any benefit, I get money back and even if I had to claim benefits, that does not mean that I can not get anything anymore, I only get deducted money.

So the bottom line is that I do not lose weight that fast.

So directly into the Internet and at the appropriate health insurance to inquire about this bonus program. Is worth cash.

How to Get Medical Care if You Have No Money and No Insurance | September 2020