Mosquito bite with ballpoint pen "edit"

Mosquito bite - what now? Sounds brutal, but really helps: If the mosquito has stung, it itches in a very specific place, which can then be determined by a small swelling or redness exactly. At this point you press the front shaft of a pen (the mine is NOT extended!) Several times slightly offset and strong, so that form small circular pressure points on the stitch. BACKGROUND: The mosquito "spits" a secretion that is supposed to make the blood more fluid. Here, a small allergic reaction develops in the upper layer of the skin, which then itches. Treatment with the ballpoint pen pushes the secretion deeper into the skin, which is better supplied with blood. There, the secretion can be better broken down and transported away. The itching stops within a few seconds. And what does not itch does not bother me either and I do not have to scratch myself bloody, right?

This Thing is Trippy! But Careful... it BITES! | LENSBALL | September 2020