Motivation to exercise more and improve fitness

Since you often tend to be comfortable in old age and move too little, I had been thinking for some time about a fitness tracker to control my daily activities. Since came the offer for the product test quite convenient.

Control activities

The fitness tracker shows on the display the Number of steps, calorie consumption and pulse rate This will allow me to control my daily activities and thereby motivate me to achieve and maybe even improve my daily goals. According to a WHO recommendation, you should walk 10,000 or 8,000 steps each day or move at least 30 minutes to do something good for your health. This is my goal.

In the first week I realized that it is not that easy to reach. Only if I had done an extra run or walk during the day could I almost reach this step number. However, I also found that the tracker responds to almost every arm movement and vibration and counts this as a step; for example, doing housework and even washing your hands or brushing your teeth. This makes the step measurement quite inaccurate and of course the distance and calorie consumption. When compared with a pedometer I wear on the shoe, I noticed a difference of about + 20%. So you have to keep this in mind by just setting your step goal slightly higher, so instead of 8,000, for example, 10,000 steps instead of 10,000 = 12,500 steps. In addition, it is recommended to wear the tracker on the left wrist joint (left-handed, of course, on the right wrist joint).

Move regularly

Another positive feature is the easy one vibrating alertwho reminds me after too long a sitting time and motivates me to move regularly, to stand up and at least take a few steps or get involved. This is particularly important because, according to the latest findings, prolonged sitting in one piece should increase the risk not only of back and neck pain and other orthopedic problems, but also of diabetes, cancer and heart disease. This is especially important in office work, where you should often interrupt the long periods of sitting, for example, when making calls or for other activities such as copying, faxing, scanning, etc.

Move is one of the most important requirements for health and fitness not only in old age. It does not necessarily matter how fast you move. Even a daily brisk walk, where you get something out of breath, may be sufficient. The main thing is, you move, because every move is better than none and it's good for your health and improves your fitness! Regular exercise is designed to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease by 20% and the chance of getting breast or colon cancer by 25%!

By the Pulse Rate Measurement I can judge my general fitness condition and can always see if I am in the optimal pulse range for me.


The fitness tracker Fit Connect 200 HR is very light and narrow and can be worn very well on the wrist, even overnight, because you hardly feel it. The bracelet is made of soft plastic with a buckle closure as a wristwatch, which makes it well secured and can not solve itself, as should be the case with some other tracker. The perforation of the buckle ranges from very narrow to very wide.

The corresponding Ladekabel with a USB port, on the other hand, is pretty short. It is connected to the tracker by means of magnets. Since these are quite weak, the connection is not very tight and even with a light touch of the tracker charging can be interrupted.

The ads on the display are very bright and can therefore be read well even in sunlight. Since I would like to wear the tracker but like a clock, I would find it better if time and date display rotated 90 degrees on the display and above all, permanently displayed, then would not be pressed every time to read the clock, the touch sensor ,

The pulse on the wrist is done by two optical LED sensors. Green light is emitted from the back of the bracelet to the wrist, which is reflected at different speeds depending on the blood volume, after which the pulse value is calculated and displayed. This pulse measurement works relatively well, I could tell that in comparison to my forearm pulse and blood pressure monitor. The measured values ​​had only a small deviation. The pulse measurement can also be turned off, whereby the battery life can be extended slightly.

The specified in the description Battery Life Unfortunately, I can not confirm it for up to 5 days. Fully charged, the battery will last for at most 2 to 3 days, although I have almost always deactivated the pulse measurement. A full charge takes about 60 to 80 minutes.

Unfortunately, I still can not judge how the Soehnle Connect app works because I do not own a smartphone, just a simple mobile phone and a notebook, and because of my small pension I have to save a bit for a tablet at the moment.

Conclusion: Soehnle's Fit Connect 200 HR fitness tracker is well-suited for beginners to measure and improve their daily activities, taking into account the small weaknesses such as inaccurate step measurement and considering them as described.

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