Muffy thermoses - goodbye!

Musty thermoses are a horror, who likes to fill their favorite drink, let alone drink it?

Here are a few simple tips:

1. Two separate thermoses, one for coffee only, the other for tea only. (Equal looking pitchers below with tesak crepe and the appropriate mark on it or with nail polish mark.)

2. Before filling always rinse with hot water, so the pot is already preheated.

3. Rinse immediately with hot water after use, do not allow leftovers to stay cold for too long. Now add a small teaspoon of food tonic, pour in warm water and let it work for at least 1/2 hour. Finally, rinse well with hot water and let it drip over the head for a long time.

4. Keep the thermos flask never closed, cap and cup lid always next to the pot!

5. Never use dishwashing liquid in the jugs! Only with extreme need one can very carefully brush out the interior with a soft bottle brush.

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