Mulled wine salt: A wintery gift


Preparation time: 5 min.
Cooking or baking time: 3 hours
Total preparation time: 3 hours 5 min.

This mulled wine salt is especially in the Christmas time a welcome gift or as a gift for New Year's Eve welcome. It goes well with winter vegetables, meat, egg and potato dishes and is easy and easy to prepare:

Depending on how much salt you want to prepare, you roughly follow this information:


  • 400 g coarse sea salt (I also used some of my homemade herbal salts)
  • about 20 ml of mulled wine


  1. Mix the salt in a bowl with the mulled wine.
  2. Now flat on a baking sheet.
  3. At about 80 degrees for 2-3 hours in the oven with a slightly open door (potholders stuck between them) to dry.

In between, more often, the dry spots? Stir ?. Depending on how intense you want the taste, you can soak it again after drying with mulled wine and dry again - it is best to prepare it in the summer and thus saves electricity costs.

When the salt is completely dried, it is filled in festively decorated glasses / bottles and the gift is ready!

How to Make Mulled Wine Spices⎢TakePart TV | May 2024