My 9 resolutions for 2019: This year something has to change!

Time passes very fast, and a new year is coming. And of course everyone wants to make the new year more positive than the past.

I'm no exception in this case! Last year was not so easy for me as there were some negative events in my family. That's why I've decided to move out of self-pity for the New Year and cheer me on writing new resolutions. I know that most of the time, most of the goals just stay on paper. But this time I want to change that!

My personal resolutions for this year:

1. Spend more time in my family living abroad

After this difficult year and every new year, I keep thinking of this saying: "A lot of things you learn to appreciate when you no longer have it." The truth is that we should love and accept our loved ones now and now as they are. Moving something into the future can quickly become a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, as long as our parents and grandparents are alive and kicking, we do not think much about it being different. In our daily stress, we are often so busy that we just find a few free minutes for our relatives to spend time with. Especially with those who are not nearby. When you spend time with your loved ones, you not only make them happy, but you too! Everything can wait, but not the people you love! This time, I'm determined to enjoy the moments with my family from the distant land more often and longer, because you never know what fate brings with it.

2. Find work-life-family balance

Unfortunately, last year I was often torn between my private life, mom duties, job and household chores. This year, I plan to improve my time management by spending more time in all the areas mentioned above and putting less pressure on myself. Long lists of tasks are shortened, appointments are better divided and some restrictions removed. In addition, I set myself more highlights, such as great movies, musicals, concerts and travel destinations for our time together with my child and husband on the list. Also the time for myself will be expanded this year to consciously enjoy it alone. So I try to avoid burning out.

3. Release something

I have a bad habit of keeping my feelings of guilt and people making my life difficult for a long time and not getting rid of them. This is my ballast that I carry around with me all the time. The hardest part is turning our feelings of guilt into something positive. The guilt comes from our mistakes. However, our mistakes can teach us something and bring us something good for the future. But we have to accept them first.

To part with people who are no longer with us or who do not accept us as we are is one of the hardest parts of life. It's a lot easier to be angry with her than just let her go. Esther Klepgen said: "The fear of letting go includes the fear of free fall." But this risky leap into the unknown is sometimes the only thing you have to do to free yourself from stressful feelings and thoughts.

4. Reset health priorities

I like the saying of the Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer: "Modern medicine cares about your illnesses. She lives on these. For your health you have to take care of yourself. From this you live ?. Mr. Schnitzer is right about that. Everyone has to take their health into their own hands.

I know that the topic? Health? almost every year on the list of intentions. But you should always look at this topic with new eyes. In the area? Nutrition? I generally try to eat healthily. But this year, I have had it ricochet a few times, that my own inner voice at the end of the year asked me to better control these situations. In the areas of? Sport? and? relaxation? I was just as far away from my goal last year. This year, I intend to move in these areas in the right direction, where I want to give myself enough time in both areas on a regular basis. This point is underlined in bold on my list.

5. Strengthen my partnership even more

I recently came up with an idea on how I could positively influence my relationship as well as the relationship. Having a good partnership does not automatically mean that both partners have exactly the same interests. In my case, my partner and I are very different in many things and have completely different interests. That's why I want both of us this year to make a list of our own goals / interests in all sorts of areas and to try more often to experience the partner's ideas with him. Example: I like to hear Hip-Hop, my partner - but Rock / Metal.We used to try to find something that contained both something like Linkin Park. Unfortunately, I often tried to avoid really rock concerts. This time we both have tickets for the "Metallica" concert, and this time I'm surprised. From that point on, I've gotten even a step closer to trying something different, something I did not want to do in the past. Of course, you can also go to your favorite personal concerts with friends who share your taste. But here it is more about respecting the interests and passions of the partner and celebrating shared, great experiences. It has something to do with love and respect. And it's a give and take: the next concert is simply a hip-hop concert again! So you expand your own horizon and show your favorite human that he / she is important.

6. My next intent relates to my nails and hair

It probably does not sound that serious. But I mean it. I barely had time for my nails the whole last year. Sometimes I was so tired that I did not feel like doing anything with them. This year, I'll finally fix it and definitely take care of it regularly. Regarding my hair: I simply cut my long hair short. Now I want to let her grow again. The transition phase is the worst here? many of you may have experienced this before. I was often on the verge of cutting off the hair, which had grown a bit longer. But now it has become my goal to get it back this year, to wear my hair longer again.

7. Think less

Yes, that is also an important point on my New Year's resolution list: I intend to learn, step by step, to slow down my pointless carousel of ideas. I try to analyze less what others are doing or what others think of me. In addition, I want to give my head more peace and my superfluous thoughts in the direction of? Everyday life and plans? into a normal, quieter mode. To an infinite loop in the brain just stop? say!

8. More hugs

What also struck me last year is that I rarely hugged my fellow human beings. The only person who did not do this is my son. Regrettably, I have been sparing with hugs for all the other people. I certainly want to change that this year!

9. Cook something new regularly

In the previous year, I often cooked myself and fresh, but too often ordinary dishes. Again, the lack of time has played a major role. I preferred to prepare fast and familiar dishes rather than experimenting with new ones. Now, this too is on my plan to conjure new dishes in the kitchen!

Well, these are my intentions for the year 2019, and I'm already well on the way to achieving my goals. I also have a question for you, dear community: "What good intentions do you have on your list for this year? The? Year of the golden pig?" I'm looking forward to it!

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