Never again holey rubber gloves

For many household jobs we use these latex rubber gloves. It is amazing and annoying how quickly a tiny hole is formed there, which is quickly noticed when you handled with liquids.

Meanwhile, various household gloves have accumulated, which are only a few weeks old and somewhere have a small defect. Out of frustration, we started repairing them like a bicycle tire and it works wonderfully!

Simply explain a rubber glove to the patch dispenser. Has the newly acquired pair then wear again or you accidentally caught in something pointed, then just cut a patch and do with superglue on the spot.

You can also only the caps of a "defect"? cut off, put some glue on it and a new glove ... so you have a very stable part for extra work.

Incidentally, we do not buy the utopian overpriced superglue from a brand name company, but the no-name-5 or 10-packs, which are often found at supermarkets or on grabbed tables.

The glue as well and you save money properly. We have this glue right? bought (with us: 5 pieces for 1 Euro, the only once as a clue) and he has already proven himself in craft work of all kinds.

Meet me | May 2021