Never sponges in the dishwasher: dishwasher breaks down

I definitely have to share with you one tip, because I know that almost everyone does it: never rags and sponges in the dishwasher! My dishwasher has just broken, 200 euros repair costs. The lint (also microfibre) are not biodegradable and set firmly, so that somewhere on the heat exchanger a really expensive damage. I did not know from where, out of boredom, I once read the manual and there it was in there, I then asked the mechanic of the machine and said, so I've broken the device.

So, back in the laundry, I just tipped hot water to a little Bref and then fooled the rag for 5 minutes, there was also a hell of a hurry out, so I do that after I've paid so much apprentice ...

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