Night Eater Syndrome (NES)

Hello, I have seen the English version of the Nutrition Docs abroad and they have justified the Night Eaters Syndrome (NES) as follows: These are people whose melatonin level drops to zero at night, causing you to starve wake up and have to eat something. And because they eat, they activate an enzyme that raises melatonin levels and keeps them sleeping.

I did some research on the internet before sending the tip to and the English explanation is the most reasonable justification I've read or heard.

The NES has been little explored so far. However, researchers have discovered in experiments with mice that there is a gene change, since the mice suffering from NES showed the same gene mutation as humans with NES.

Some websites talk about an eating disorder, others say that hormones play a role, others recommend looking for a psychologist and others advise not to give in to hunger. But then you have to choose between plague and cholera, either I eat something at the risk of gaining a little weight, or I stay awake all night and can not sleep.

Perhaps it would be advisable to eat part of the daily portions at night. If I usually eat two rolls at breakfast, then I only eat one and one at night, so the daily calories stay balanced.

I have a relative in the family who suffers from it and gave him melatonin tablets. It did not help.

It is important to recognize that it is a syndrome, and to make the best of it.

Night Eating Syndrome (NES) | November 2022