No folding rule at hand? The own dimensions know

How much is "Pi times thumb"? Depends on the thumb length! Just measure, then you have a practical measure "at hand": e.g. 1 span = 20 cm. Just take a folding rule and measure which dimensions you can easily measure with your own body parts:

  • a span are 20 cm for me (see photo)
  • a hand's breadth: 10 cm
  • three fingers wide: 5 cm
  • four feet + three fingers = 1m
  • a cubit ...

I also know how high I have to reach to reach 2 m height.

This is very handy to know, if you do not have a folding rule at hand and come unprepared into a situation where you should estimate measures.

  • e.g. you can get an idea of ​​the size of product descriptions on the Internet or catalog.
  • or if you want to estimate the size of blinds or curtain fabric for windows.
  • or if you discover at the flea market or a great piece of furniture and you consider whether it fits in at home ...

If I want to know exactly, I still need a folding rule, but in many cases it's just about enough for me.

(PS.) So that no one comes up with stupid thoughts: This is a tip on TheFruitAndFlowerBasket, not on Frag Daddy.It's not about the dimensions of a body part that Mum does not have, and it does not even matter that it's special It is supposed to have a practical and unchanging dimension! ;-)

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