No pantry - little space in the kitchen

If you're feeling the way I've been for years, no pantry (my husband converted it as a toolbox), and only a cramped kitchen where you have limited storage space - then here comes my ultimate-building-your-storage-space. even.

I have for this:
2 large side boards,
a thicker shelter board,
1 roof board and
various intermediate boards in the hardware store worried.

Everything assembled, the intermediate boards nailed me a friend with such small corks in holes.

Personally, I painted the entire shelf with white room paint and covered it up.

When the whole thing was done, we looked for a suitable place in the apartment (at and in the transition from the kitchen to the living room) and there was a curtain, for which I have no other use, with thumbtacks or nails attached above.

Looks good, my supplies are well stowed and no visitor notices what's behind it. Who wants to - buy or copy shelf ... it is really great.

No Pantry No Problem! Cabinet Organization and Storage Solutions on a Budget! July 2016 | December 2023