Nose free with a handle: A trick of osteopathy

This "trick" I have from my osteopath, which has freed me from the nasal spray consumption.

She has attached index and middle finger of one hand to the root of the nose - ie between the eyebrows -, the other hand (also index and middle finger) after about two thirds - so slightly above the nostrils - placed on the bridge of the nose.

The upper fingers (closed) sit on the roots of the eyebrows, the lower ones also lie against each other and attach to the bridge of the nose.

And now comes the trick:

Pull the two "stations" slightly apart, so stretch (but gently, no pressure is needed).

Keep this stretch for about half a minute (preferably longer than too short). As a result, you stretch the nasal passage, which is usually swollen with nasal congestion.

Let go, and after a few minutes your nose will be released. Do not be disappointed if nothing happens during the stretching - it takes, as I said, a few minutes!

I wish you success! :-)

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