Old building box window: protection against heat loss

In the case of old-style casement windows with single glazing, one must expect a great loss of heat in winter. Each seal with self-adhesive sealing tapes has not helped us or little. The professional change to insulating glass is associated with high costs and a lot of effort.

Therefore, we had the idea to "install" ourselves a second glazing and through this double glazing, we have now finally cheap and easy to achieve a comfortable thermal insulation.

Required materials:

  • Edge-ground glass panel with at least 6 mm thickness in the dimensions of the window box + 2 cm on each side, so that the pane covers the window box. We got the glass very cheap at a recommended glass near. Alternatively, a mirror glass in the appropriate size would be possible, depending on how important is the view from the window over the winter.
  • At least 4 pieces of small screw hooks.
  • Crystal clear PVC hose in the right size and diameter (available at the hardware store).

The PVC hose is used for improved sealing and skid resistance. It is appropriately divided into 4 pieces (dimensions = side lengths of the windowpane). Then the pieces are each cut on the long side and put on the side edges of the glass.

The window pane is clamped by means of the screw hooks on at least two opposite sides to the wall inner side of the box window. It is important that the screws really press the glass firmly, so that no draft arises.

With this installation, we have finally found a solution for the winter and no longer heat up "in the void". It is also practical that we can simply remove the additional disc in the summer and use the window as normal.

How To Insulate Drafty Windows for Winter - Save Hundreds on Heating | December 2020