Only 1-2 laundry pieces hurl

I often do hand washing because of the different colors and sensitivities of the garments and have now had a problem with the spin.

That worked well in my old machine, so I did not think about doing it the same way with the new machine.

So hand wash and after rinsing off into the machine for skidding. The machine went off and also began to spin until about 1/3 of the time, then she stopped and nothing happened. I waited and waited, but nothing changed.

Machine off and try again, now a different number of revolutions, but in the end always the same.

Now I seriously thought the machine was broken. Since I still had warranty, I called the responsible workshop. They also questioned me there thoroughly and then said at the end that the amount of laundry is too small for skidding. There is now a mechanism in there (Libra), which prevents that.

I was glad that the customer service was not immediately moved, because at least this effort I would have to pay.

I was satisfied with that for a while, but then I thought about it and successfully experimented ... the machine had to be tricked.

I now hurl these things with a "counterweight" in the slingshot and that works fine.

To do this, I pack a pair of old sneakers into a plastic bag and put them in the sling, door and go ... it works so well now.

As balance weight one can certainly use other things, such as Towels or similar, I personally get along well with the sneakers.

This should be a suggestion for those who might also do it this way.

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