Peel potatoes - do not burn your fingers

Jacket potatoes are easiest to peel if they are still really hot. Unfortunately, there is also the danger that you can burn your fingers if you do not pay attention.

Everyone knows the method of skewering the potato on a fork. Annoyingly, it often happens to me that the potato breaks or I do not get to all the places so well.

When I was washing dishes, I often noticed that I could grab with rubber gloves in very hot water, which would not have been possible without me and I thought, whether that is not even when potatoes pellen possible. And behold - it went!

With a normal glove (of course, a new and not with the, with which you had just cleaned the staircase) you can already touch quite hot potatoes, better still with one who is fed inside as well. So the annoying pelling is much faster and easier.

Super Quick Potato Peeling! - Life Hack | April 2024