Penaten cream instead of deodorant

I have not used deodorant for years, and have replaced it with the good old Penaten cream.

After showering simply cream as normal, at the end still very little cream / body lotion rub in your hands and lubricate under the armpits. Now, the Penaten cream is used: briefly with the index finger in the cream "dipping" and also on the just freshly creamed armpits distribute until no white residue is seen. It is important to really only take a very small amount, otherwise you spread the white cream everywhere on the clothes.

The reason why I prefer to use cream instead of deodorant:

1. I have never really tasted the smell of deodorant.

2. There are certain textiles in which you probably can not get around, but something to "smell". Before now any sayings come about because of "washing" etc ... I do it every day!

3. I had to buy only 3 cans and that for years ... I think that speaks for itself.

I've never had a touch of sweat under my arms ever since. In my circle of acquaintances everyone was very excited about it.

Zinc Ointment | DIY Natural Skin Care | June 2020