Pickled cucumbers - "extra spicy"

Here's a recipe for spicy-hot, deliciously aromatic canned cucumbers without ready-made concoctions.

For 6 large glasses (1000-1200 ml) you need:

3 kg of cucumbers
1 liter of vinegar (variety to taste, I made it from essence)
1 liter of water
3 tablespoons salt
300-400 g of sugar

6 large onions
dill flowers
bay leaves
mustard seeds
Black peppercorns
pink berries
Cardamom fruits (the seeds of it)
Dried, small chili
juniper berries
Tarragon sprigs
Carrot slices
Horseradish slices

Borretsch also tastes delicious, but I did not get one (will be the first thing I sow in my garden ...).

Scrub the cucumbers, put them in salted water overnight. Drain and rinse off. Each
- 1 dill blossom (optionally also a dill branch)
- 1 bay leaf
- 1 tsp of mustard seeds
- 1/2 teaspoon black peppercorns
- 1/2 teaspoon pink berries
- the seed of a cardamom fruit
- 2 (up to 4, depending on the fire resistance of your taste buds) chili
- 4 juniper berries
- 4 allspice grains
- 1 tarragon branch
- 8-10 carrot slices (beautifully cut to size they taste the better)
- 1 onion, geachtelt
- on top of a horseradish slice (protects against mold, grandma always said ...)

fill in the glasses.

Boil the water, vinegar, salt and sugar together, pour over the cucumbers, seal the glasses (I use snap-on glasses). Since I do not have a cook-in pot, I take a conventional, large saucepan, put a grid (I have such metal grid coasters that I use for), fill the pot about halfway with water.

Boil, then (in my case 3) adjust glasses so that they are at least halfway up in the water. When the water in the pot boils again bubbly, which takes about 10 minutes, remove the glasses, put on a cloth. Put the next glasses back in the water until it boils, etc.

Allow to cool overnight, then store in a cool place. After about 2 weeks you can enjoy the first, but they get better and spicier, the longer they pull.

For the Einmach newbies: Urgent to cleanliness while working! Glasses and rubber rings as well as any accessories must be absolutely clean!

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