Pimp my cheesecake

Purchased cake can be quickly made even tastier and more beautiful.

If you register for coffee in the morning or the evening before and you do not feel like baking fresh cakes, or you do not have enough ingredients at home, then you should always have a frozen cheesecake in a freezer.

It takes only a few hours at room temperature, but it can also be thawed in the microwave if things need to be done quickly. On the cake comes any fruit, I have made suitable for the winter time cherries from the glass with Gl√ľhweintortenguss.

The purchased cheese cake tastes very good in itself, but with fruit hood it is twice as delicious, does virtually no work and goes without a doubt as "homemade" through.

Mr. Greezy - "Cheesecake" (My Pimp Name) | November 2022