Pizza double to go - ready to go pizza


Preparation time: 5 min.
Cooking or baking time: 10 min.
Total preparation time: 15 min.

First: no, this is not a gourmet tip, of course, and it probably does not contribute to health optimization. But each of us knows these days when you get totally exhausted from work and have little vigor to precook for the next day.

Many may also give your partner something to eat at work - and who wants to eat freshly-baked breads every day ?!

Well, I'm worried that this tip will be totally torn up here, but I think it's good and suitable for everyday use, as long as you do not demonize ready-made pizza. Since my girlfriend and a colleague have integrated this idea very happy in their daily work, I would like to share with you.

After a working day that I did not want to end and then a compulsory event, I came up with this idea late at night when it came time to prepare some food for the next day.

This should be good to eat on the way (so without cutlery, etc.) and of course I did not want to stand in the kitchen for a long time. Since I always have frozen pizza for unexpected guests, the pizza double to go was born.


  1. Take two ready pizzas and put them on top of each other (so that the two occupied sides touch). Then bake as usual. After cooling, cut into pieces.
  2. If you sprinkle two whisked eggs or some cheese between the two pizzas, it keeps you even better together. Of course you can also add other ingredients such as onions or mushrooms etc. between the two pizzas.

The advantage of this meal is obvious: You keep that kind of food clean and you can eat the pieces of pizza wonderfully without cutlery or in the car, without vollzukleckern something.

How Domino's Makes Its Pizza | January 2023