Plum pancakes Grandma Duck - that's what he guarantees

Plum pancakes Grandma Duck - that's what he's guaranteed ... if you do not be too stupid.

The pancake dough I presage times as known. He should not be too thin! It's about the method. And it has proven itself - with me. The usual, namely plums already in the dough, not so much. This is how I do it:

Stone the plums and halve, not quarter. Heat the oil in a coated pan. Add about 1 1/2 soup ladles of dough and immediately remove from the flame / hotplate. Then spread the plum halves as quickly as possible (not too sparingly!), While pressing something into the dough. And, very important: bowl up!

Then put the pan back on and wait until the dough gets a little firm - do not wait too long, maybe pick on the edge and look it up.

Turning is the hardest thing about the fruit pancake, but with the Tellertrick: Drop the large plate (of course upside down) into the pan, hold it tight and turn it over, then let the pancake gently slide into the pan again and as long as continue to bake necessary. Of course it is a matter of feeling. The finished pancake is taken in the same way - plate on it, turn - removed. Now sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon mix, enjoy.

Because only the peel of the plums come into direct contact with the hot pan, only little juice comes out. On the other hand, the plums are not cooled or isolated by too much surrounding dough and are cooked so quickly. It is recommended, as the juice inevitably starts or burns to wipe the pan before the next pancake with kitchen paper.

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