Poppy is holding in the vase

Poppy seeds should be burned at the bottom with a lighter before entering the vase. Then you have a lot of fun with it and he does not hang his head.

tamtam: @ Lichtfeder: extra for you ;-) I'll tell the way of my late father:
when the poppy capsules were ripe, he collected the seeds on his daily walks, also of other wild and garden flowers, in his jacket pocket or a small bag and then scattered them again in another suitable place!
so over the years z.b. a decayed railway embankment transformed into a wildflower path! he did not know the word "guerilla - gardening" yet!
(In my garden he has settled in this way unquestioned nachtviolen - but they have been beautiful!) priroda: @ Tamtam: I'm probably like your father: I dig out no flowers or pick them, but wait for the seeds and take a part Home, the rest I sprinkle on the spot or on the way in suitable places. In fact, that makes a lot more and much more fun than flowers in the vase. So countless wildflowers have made it into my garden, which, although often look less obvious, but each year to bloom again, do not need to be cast and serve at the same time innumerable insects and thus also birds as a source of food.

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