Pork roulades a'la marmot

Not only beef is suitable for roulades, but also roulades of pork are not to be despised. Beautifully spiced and with delicious fresh vegetable garnish or a colorful salad, they will also be sure to find some "lovers" as a Sunday lunch.

Here is the recipe for 2 people

2 beautiful big pork roulades
125 g of Mett
2 onions
Spicy mustard, pepper, salt, sweet pepper powder, 2 allspice granules
White wine

Season the pork roast with pepper, salt and paprika and rub in with a little spicy mustard. Then pass the Mett something and roll up the rolls and stick with roulade needles or toothpicks. In a roasting pan, add some oil or clarified butter and sauté the peeled and chopped onions until they are glassy. Then pepper the roulades on the outside and salt and fry vigorously all around. When this is done, pour a well-filled glass of white wine and cover on the roasting pan. Then push the pan into the oven, which has been heated to 180 degrees, and let it stew for one hour. Remove the pan from the oven and remove the roulades. Now fill the sauce with some broth or water and if necessary a small shot of wine and let boil once, pour through a sieve and thicken as usual. Oh, you should try, so that maybe something can be spiced!

To taste all sorts of vegetable side dishes or a delicious mixed salad and potatoes of course.

If you prefer the stronger taste of red wine, you can of course also use red wine for the sauce, but then the roulades are more like the normal beef. This is just prevented by the addition of white wine or changed its taste.

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