Potato pancreas low in fat

We love potato pancakes. They have only one drawback: they are terribly fat, especially if, like us, you prefer the very thin buffer. Another problem is that they taste best fresh from the pan. And baking potato pancakes for several people is not exactly great. I stand at the pan, bake buffers and the others sit at the table and eat. For me, the greasy cold remains that taste like fat-baked cardboard. Nope, not with me anymore!

I have changed this: The oven is preheated to 100 to 125 degrees top / bottom heat, a baking tray is covered with baking paper and a triple layer of kitchen crepe and I start to bake the potato pancakes. The finished potato pancakes wander onto the baking tray in the oven, always next to each other. The kitchen crepe absorbs the excess fat and the potato pancakes stay crispy and hot - and do not really remind you of cardboard!

And you can warm up the rests in this way very well.