Prepare power soup from goose bones

The festival is over and, as every year, there was traditionally a goose on Christmas Eve.

After the cudgels were eaten with relish, of course, there was still plenty left for the first holiday, and as in the last few years, I then put on the disposable gloves and loosen the large pieces of meat from the skeleton. This meat is frozen, because after 2 days of roast goose something variety of the figure is conducive. There is so much meat left on the bones that it is worthwhile to prepare a broth from it:


  1. I also add the wings / wing tips and the offal to the skeleton of the goose, and cook everything in plenty of water on a low flame for about 4-5 hours.
  2. Season with salt and pepper, 2-3 bay leaves, leek and possibly with a little liquid from the roasting pan (gravy, no goose fat!). Since I prepare the goose with the Niedergarmethode, is always enough goose stock for seasoning left.
  3. At the end of the cooking time, I remove all bones from the soup and dissolve any remaining meat after cooling down. But most of the meat has already separated from the bone on its own.
  4. If you like, add a little more vegetables, I still had Brussels sprouts, carrots and half a pot of parsley left over.

The broth is quite greasy, the fat can be removed if necessary with a piece of household roll, which is put on the soup. If you put ice cubes in a cloth, they bind the fat even faster. Also, after completely cooling, you can remove the white layer of fat well as a whole by simply lifting it off. For little money, there are also bowls that degrease sauces. For a large pot of soup, however, they are unsuitable because the capacity is rather low.

I freeze this soup in portions and if necessary it is used, because it is a chicken soup in any way after, is rather tastier and certainly very helpful for colds.

Many housewives will handle it with holiday poultry; I happened to find it myself but only a few years ago and there are certainly many who discard everything after the feast.

Important to mention, I still find that we do not gnaw the bones. It would not be a big hygienic problem now, as the soup is simmering for a long time, but I do not like it.

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