Present Gift: Gift in Balloon

Time a little different funny gift wrapping - gift in the balloon.

Since I will give my mother a chain for Christmas and looking for a funny packaging, I have tried this tip in advance, whether it works well and yes it went great. Since my mother will be surprised, why there is a balloon in the box.

This tip works with all small items such as ring, arm and necklaces, earrings, or even with bills etc.

This is needed

  • 1 balloon
  • Bow or other decoration
  • 1 box where the inflated balloon just fits
  • 1 pin or small nail

This is how it's done

  1. The gift is put into the deflated balloon and inflated, the size does not matter, I blew it smaller that he still fits in a smaller box.
  2. Glue a Dekoschleife on the balloon and on the lid of the box I wrote BOOM and stuck with a Tesastreifen next to a pin needle. At the end, the box is still wrapped in wrapping paper.
  3. It's best to do it the day before, not right now, because the air could escape by then.

So she has to prick the balloon to get the gift, haha, that'll be fun!

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