Product tip Innovall Microbiotic

Today I would like to introduce everyone to a product that I am very excited about. I did not know it before, but my doctor recommended it to me and I can only warmly recommend it.

Unfortunately, I had to take antibiotics for several days after a severe cold, then my intestine went crazy like mad, I got diarrhea. After I told my doctor about it, he told me that antibiotics attack not only the harmful bacteria, but also the good and important ones. Unfortunately, most of the intestines are affected, the good bacteria in the intestine are attacked and thus the whole takes its course. But it is not so easy, just stop the antibiotics, no, you finally need it to get well again. He prescribed me a lighter, but the diarrhea had already done some damage.

My doctor said he could recommend the following powder from the pharmacy, and when I had taken it for two days, I felt that my intestines were starting to recover slowly. What I had is called one Antibiotic-associated diarrhea and I think many of them are like me.

My doctor said that you should take Innovall as a concomitant antibiotic therapy, so nothing can happen. Otherwise, I always tolerated antibiotics well, but this time just not. Actually, taking Innovall is recommended for two weeks, but I only took it for 7 days. Even for children, the powder is suitable, just ask the pediatrician.

Innovall Microbiotic is a powder with bacterial strains. I know, it only frightens, if one imagines to take real bacterial strains, but all half as bad.

Innovall is available in every pharmacy to buy, I had a pack of 14 pieces a 5 grams and paid around 16?. But I think there are even smaller packs, just ask.

Contained are 10 highly active bacterial strains containing around 5 billion germs per packet (gluten- and lactose).

Stir in a small amount of water, wait and drink according to the package instructions. The bacteria also survive the long journey to the finish, stomach acid does not bother them. These bacteria settle in the intestine and multiply, that is, what causes the antibiotics, repairs Innovall again and thus the diarrhea stays away and everything is back in balance.

Editor's tip: Innovall Microbiotic is also online

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